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At this time, Central and South receive delieries on Tuesdays, East and West receive on Wednesdays for this specific service

On average, Central and POS receive meals in the morning and South and East receive on afternoons. This is not an ‘in time for lunch’ service so times will vary based on the cross section of customers.

Payments for packages are made via linx, using debit or credit cards online once an order is confirmed. Orders must be paid for prior to delivery.unde omnis iste

Usually, meals are delivered chilled. A properly functioning refridgerator (0-4 celcius) can keep meals for around 3 days. Beyond this, meals can be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months.

We recommend keeping some of your meals in the refridgerator and some in the freezer.

I’m uncertain about where I’ll be the time of my delivery, how can we work it out?
Usually, keep in contact with the office and your driver. We do the best we can to work with varying schedules and unexpected situations and reroute as much as we can to facilitate persons. This is why scheduling specific times is difficult. Contact us prior to ordering if there are any specific time frames that need to be worked with.

Orders cannot be cancelled within 24 hours of delivery as meal manufacturing would already be in progress. For emergencies, we can store the meals for you and deliver on a later date