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From farm to table, using only fresh produce

Gluten free, paleo, natural, healthy, vegan

When you eat good, you feel good. Our healthy, wholesome ingredients are grown in small farms on the fertile islands of the Caribbean sea. Taste the warmth of the Caribbean sun with each bite and know that you are contributing to the sustainable development of Caribbean agriculture. From their fields to your family's meals. 

About Us

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Our Products

Made from fresh Caribbean Sweet Potatoes and Cassava, our pastas are as natural as the islands they're grown on

healthy food sweet potatoes pasta yuca cassava fitness exercise

Our Story

A small company, on a small island, with a big heart. Spreading the love of good, healthy food. 

Our Mission

Creating good-for-you, wholesome foods that support the sustainable agricultural development of the developing world. 


Richard W, Texas

"I initially bought them because they looked interesting, both the Sweet Potato and Cassava pastas are 5 star. Follow their instructions behind the package and they'll be perfect"

Beverly C, Toronto

"I love pasta and I love sweet potatoes so I was excited when my nephew sent me this. My dad was also into farming so I'll always support companies that actually help caribbean farmers. This is probably the most natural pasta I've come across"

Che Bowen, Tortola

"You won't be disappointed, I bought it because my trainer recommended it and it was exactly what I needed. It's high in potassium which really helped me in the gym. Their customer service is also exceptional."

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